Terms & Conditions for Supply of Services

Fit That Bike – Active Bike Co Ltd 

1. General: 

  1. Active Bike Co Ltd operates https://www.activebike.co & https://www.activebike.app/ site 
  2. Active Bike Co Ltd, is a supplier of all mobility-related services and goods 
  3. A customer – is an individual or business that purchases the services produced by Active Bike Co Ltd on the Fit That Bike website
  4. All services and prices are described on our website.
  5. Fit That Bike recommendations does not construe acceptance of liability for any inaccuracies or issues with bike fitting or any damage or problems from a customer making changes or modifying their or someone else’s bike.
  6. We would always advise that in an ideal world a full professional bike fit should be undertaken.
  7. If the customer has or starts to develop any pain or discomfort from riding their bike at any time they should immediately stop the riding and consult a medical and cycling professional.
  8. All prices are in Pound Sterling (£) and subject to VAT.
  9. By using our website or services you are consenting to Active Bike Co Ltd using your data and our full Privacy Policy can be found on our website.

2. For good supply services the customer agrees:

  1. That they have the purchasing authority to complete the purchase.
  2. All orders should be paid in full upon on our payment gateway on the site before the service will be delivered.
  3. There are no substitutes or alternatives available to the Fit That Bike service.
  4. They undertake to provide accurate measurements needed for the service.  
  5. Active Bike Co Ltd are not liable for items that don’t arrive on time. 

3. Complaints

  1. Any complaints about the service should be sent in writing to admin@activebike.co where we will endeavor to investigate and decide on the appropriate course of action within 30 days.

Active bike Co Ltd reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without notice.