About Fit That Bike

Welcome to Fit That Bike!

Fit That Bike has been created by a group of keen cyclists, who love nothing more than seeing new people on two wheels.

Too often we meet people who complain about discomfort on the bike or lack the confidence to push their bikes to their limits, and as a result don’t get as much out of their riding as they otherwise could.

Fit That Bike helps riders by providing them with a bespoke automated bike fit that wont break the bank. We take details of key biomechanical lengths of your body, the type of bike you ride and your style of riding into account to help improve your ride.

We also provide you with detailed video and written instructions on how to set up your bike to match your determined position, along with other top tips on how to fine tune your fit to your personal preferences.

What We Offer

Fit That Bike provides you with a bespoke set up for your bike based on your biomechanical measurements, type of bike and riding style. Our unique selling point is that we have an automated system that provides you with these measurements online and at a wallet-friendly price.

We provide you with an optimum saddle height for both flat and clipless pedals (commonly known as cleats), along with bespoke values for the reach and drop for your bike. You have the ability to choose from three options, aggressive, neutral or relaxed, to make sure you are getting the fit that is optimised around you.

Currently, we offer this service to riders using the following style bikes;

  • Road Bikes
  • Gravel Bikes
  • Cyclocross Bikes
  • Flat Bar Hybrids
  • Cross-Country Mountain Bikes

If your type of bike is not listed above, get in touch with us at admin@activebike.co and we will see how we can help.

One subscription provides you with relaxed, neutral and aggressive bike fit set ups for one type of bike. If you would like to have a fit for more than one style of bike, or would like more than one rider, you will need to purchase multiple subscriptions, which are available at a discounted rate in our shopping page

How it Works

Fit That Bike is a simple, easy and effective way to set up your bike for your needs. To get your Fit That Bike results, head to our store and add one of our products to your basket. We offer subscriptions for one, three or five bike fits, which can be split for one rider with multiple bikes or multiple riders. Each subscription will provide the rider with an aggressive, neutral or relaxed fit for their chosen bike, of which they can choose the most suitable for their riding style and goals.

Once you have purchased your subscription, visit the ‘Fit My Bike’ page and watch the videos of how to take your body measurements, measuring and entering the results and bike choice into our system. Copy and paste a license key (available from your confirmation email or in the ‘License Keys’ section of your ‘My Account’ page). You can use the license keys straight away, save them for later, or pass them on as a gift to your cycling mad friends!

Our system will use your data to provide you with a bespoke bike fit for your measurements and bike type. Then use our easy to follow videos to set up your bike to match your new fit. Remember, we recommend a couple of shorter rides once you have changed your position to allow your body to adapt – it may be the position uses muscles you have not trained before!

Customers Stories

George was one of Fit That Bike’s earliest customers. George regained his enthusiasm for cycling, more specifically cross country mountain biking, in the first COVID-19 lockdown after a 20 year break. Living on the South Downs, George set himself the target of riding the South Downs Way (100 miles of single track with over 3,800m climbing) in under 10 hours. However, to begin with, George struggled to ride more than 30 miles without pain and discomfort in his neck and shoulders.

Keen to achieve his challenge, George completed a Fit That Bike bike fit, and found sudden reduction in pain, and hence improvements in his distance and time he was riding for. The week after his Fit That Bike improvements, George managed a 60 mile ride along part of the South Downs way in under 6 hours pain free, putting him on track to achieve his goal.

Linda loves spending time outdoors, and as she was enjoying riding, Linda decided to invest in her first ‘proper’ road bike. Linda used Fit That Bike to choose her position on the bike and ensure her cleats were correctly set up.

“The bike is lovely to ride, surprisingly comfortable even with the saddle which looked a bit hard and narrow!  The position has been set up really well for me, thank you.  And of course it looks absolutely beautiful!”

Within the first two months of owning the bike, Linda has already ridden over 600 miles, and completed her first sportive, the Kent Classic.